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There is no need to introduce you to the world famous Teller, from Penn & Teller. Two Las Vegas magicians. In case you don’t know them, just google them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teller_%28magician%29
A  simple google search will result in thousands of pages. Most of them will call your attention to the fact that they are famous for exposing or revealing many magic tricks and illusions. As a matter of fact, that’s how they became famous, they have build their career by exposing valuable  magic secrets to the public.  That’s why professional magicians like to call them ‘the bad boys’.   
Although they have never sworn the magic ‘oath’,  as magicians used to do,  although they have no scruples to reveal the secrets of many expensive and valuable magic illusions, some magicians do like their ‘modern’ way of performing magic.  On the other hand, most of the professional magicians regret to see their illusions exposed. Understandable.  

Gerard Bakardy. 
Let me introduce myself. I’m a musician-magician, born in Belgium, Antwerp (1957). My parents were hard working and religious people and taught me to have respect for life.  My parents could not afford to send me to high school nor university, so I started working at the age of 14.     I believe the Americans would call me a ‘self made man’. 
By self study I’ve learned to speak multiple languages and also the most beautiful language there is in the world.. music, an international language.  As most musicians will agree, it doesn’t bring extreme financial wealth, but I must say, it always gave me an indescribable feeling of personal wealth.  Performing music and singing my songs gives me an emotional richness, especially when I see that ‘my’ audience is enjoying the moment, or when they start to dance and forget their daily worries and stress. 
Many times I’ve seen people emotionally touched by my performance, sometimes just because one of my songs reminded them of a sentimental moment in their lives.  On the other hand I’ve seen mentally, or physically, disabled people being made ‘happy’ by my music.   I consider it an honor to entertain these people and I am really grateful for the ‘priceless’ emotional satisfaction this gives me.  I’m not rich, but because of my music... I feel rich.  Music is my life. Although....  
During one of my performances,  I’ve had the honor to meet Gill Ricardo, an Antwerp magician.  He called my attention to another beautiful language. The language of MAGIC which is also an international language, adored by many, sometimes very touching and mostly entertaining.    
It did not take long to figure out that we both share the same passion:  entertaining people. This formed the base of our new and strong friendship. It turned out that my new friend was a ‘special‘ magician. He won several first prizes with the most special one “The Golden Magic Wand” (1972).   The more he told me about the joy he had performing magic and the joy it brought to his audience, the more I became sure that I wanted to add Magic to Music.   I felt fortunate to have such a friend (and mentor) on which I could rely on to help me in my learning process of this new language, Magic.  
I became a regular client in the local magic store, visited several magic fairs and lectures, I bought books and DVD’s and with many hours of self-study  I learned to perform Magic. In the meantime Magic became a part of my performance. My audiences love it!
In 2011 I was lucky, again. The doctors could cure me from a serious health problem.  The chemo therapy gave me a lot of time to concentrate on my new passion-profession, magic. 
“Transparent without exposing!”


After a while I ‘discovered’ or invented a way to perform an illusion as never performed before. Although it is a complete transparent illusion it is not  exposing the secret nor revealing the method.  Feeling proud and satisfied I was very excited to share my ‘creation’ with others and uploaded a YouTube video, showing my new illusion.

This was also the start of the most incredible story of my life....

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