Gerard Bakardy (Dogge)


Antwerpen - Belgie.

A unique but true story with  2 magicians arguing about a tiny rose that falls apart

in a magic trick.

Firstly I would like to thank you for being interested and  reading my story.  
The actions of Mr. Teller forced me to bring this website online.  Hopefully it will help me to clear my name, which as you will see, was defamed and slandered by Mr. Teller all over the world. 
It all started in the spring of 2012.  It was Mister Teller who contacted me after he noticed my YouTube video showing a magical illusion performed by me with a tiny rose in a water filled transparent bottle.   When I didn’t accept his offer to sell my illusion exclusively to him, he started an intimidating lawsuit in Las Vegas demanding a jury trial and ordered his lawyers to take down my video from YouTube.    
I was really surprised, in my opinion magicians are just like singers or clowns, entertainers. Try to imagine that one clown is suing the other one because he is funnier and because his audience is laughing more… well, for the first time in history a magician is brought in court by another magician because his act is more magical …
Having no bad intentions and completely against my will, I suddenly became a party in an embarrassing Las Vegas lawsuit and was forced to defend myself.  I personally think it is a shameful and decadent waste of time for the honorable Court to spend valuable time on a surrealistic illusion while there are more serious and realistic problems to handle. Especially in these days of crime, terrorism, murder, drugs, etc.
The people who I told my story to all respond in the same way: “ wow, this really looks like an American movie”  or  “ for sure, one day someone will make a book or a film of this crazy story and it will be a best seller..”  Probably you will say the same, just keep on reading! 
For the ones interested in magic, this is your chance to have a look ‘backstage’.  You will notice that some of the magicians do have more in their sleeves than you’ll ever have expected. You will see that most of the magicians do not create or construct their own illusions. On this website you can witness an incredible ‘fight’ in Court about a tiny rose that falls apart. 
This unbelievable ‘case’ takes place in ... the Court of Las Vegas. (Where else could it be?).   The Antwerp magician is defending himself without a lawyer against an army of the best attorneys of the USA, representing the American magician, Teller.   
It is a true story and has not ended yet.  It has a very unexpected and ‘spicy’ twist which has led to a complaint against Mr. Teller in the Antwerp Court in Belgium by Bakardy, for more serious things than a ‘broken’ flower.    
On this website you will see that Bakardy, the Antwerp magician, has nothing to hide, nothing up his sleeves... and showing his ‘cards’.  Proving his story with impressive evidence that will surprise you. 
Anyone is entitled to freedom of speech, so do I, so do you. If you wish you can write your comments on the forum on this website, but please, before you do have a look at what’s in the hats.  Believe me... 
  “Whenever two magicians cross their magic wands...
                     the hats will produce the most unexpected !”

Gerard Bakardy.
PS. Possibly Mr. Teller’s fans will  more than likely be disappointed and upset to read the ‘facts’.  My only intention is to clear my name and to inform you in an honest and truthful way about what really happened.

Everyone has the right to Freedom of speech and to express their opinion.  World famous celebrities get the support of the media to express their freedom of speech because the media and press are more than willing to publish celebrities opinions, but the other 99,9 % of the world doesn’t get this media attentention and is forced to find other ways to express their freedom of speech.
Well, since I’m not a celebrity and thus in the group of the 99,9 % I believe It is a good idea to bring this website on line. I would like to use my freedom of speech to clear my name, which was slandered and defamed due to Mr. Teller. He suggested in the worldwide media that I’m a thief, a crook, associating me with things I absolutely do not want to be associated with. 
I’m not the first victim of the ‘silent’ Teller and his ‘freedom of speech’.  Most of the Penn & Teller TV shows are offensive to many people, in particular when the American flag gets burned to perform a magic trick or when they ridicule and humiliate people believing in God the Holy Father, the Holy Pope, the Holy Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama, etc.. calling this all bullshit.  Of course and logically the veterans and religious groups felt offended and protested. In my opinion, ‘freedom of speech’ stops where it blocks others in their ‘freedom of speech’ or where it starts hurting others. Also an atheist’s freedom of speech has its limits and should not offend others. 
“Are magicians able to conjure..?”
In my opinion, anyone is entitled to believe in whatever they choose to believe in. Just as the ‘veteran‘ believes that he has to fight or to sacrifice himself for ‘his‘ flag, just as the one who believes that he has to devote himself for his religion, in the same way the parents are free to make their kids believe that Santa Claus exists or that magicians really can conjure... 
Therefore I will not abuse freedom of speech to sarcastically hurt or ridicule others to enrich myself in a TV show. I rather want to use my ‘freedom of speech’ to clear my name in a respectful way.
To prove that this is a real and true story I will show you some of the most odd fragments of my conversations with Mr. Teller, if desirable you can verify these with the Court documents downloadable or to be found on this ‘myfreedomofspeech’ website. 
I never expected that my ‘appearance’ in the magic world would cause so much commotion; on the other hand it shows that my new illusion at least can be called remarkable.
On this website I tell you more about the illusion itself and to what a ridiculous litigation it has led. You will be shocked to see the ‘under the belt’ techniques which Teller and his best attorneys in the USA are using to make their point.  Although my friends tell me that I must be crazy to defend myself without a lawyer, in a lawsuit wherein the other party has the best attorney’s of the USA, I have confidence in ‘Lady Justice’ and I honestly believe I have the same chance as David to win this unfair battle. I do not mean David Copperfield but tiny David from the bible story against Goliath.     
There’s still one question to be answered:   Will the Las Vegas Court make a judgment in favor of the American multimillionaire and celebrity Teller and his army of lawyers from Las Vegas or will the Judge make an order in favor of the unknown Belgian entertainer, Gerard Bakardy defending himself without lawyer....  
As soon as I know I will ‘update’ this website.
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